We take an unconventional approach to each project, seeing things differently and innovating as we go.

Patten Title

"This new concept allows Ted’s to join the fast-casual dining market and offers a whole new menu."

"Inventure complimented the architecture with a strong graphics and signage program that communicates child-like aesthetics and wayfinding starting at the front door of the light-filled Pavillion."


What will medical offices look like post-pandemic? In this featured article Director of Landlord Services, Rachel Rodgers, explores how Telehealth will shape the future of medicine and how landlords can support this growing need.

See how Inventure was able to highlight all of our specialties in one project delivering Architecture, Interior Design and Environmental Graphics.


Excited and honored to have named one of HBJ’s 2021 Best Places to Work!

Effective April 5, 2021, new leadership will take the helm at Houston Headquartered Architecture and Design Firm, Inventure.

Our clients enjoy the support of our whole office and a start-to-finish experience that is unforgettably fun, yielding a result that is beautiful and useful.

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