Arkansas Children's Northwest





Springdale, AR


Experiential Design


The two overarching guidelines established for the thematic direction of ACNW were “Discovery & Delight” and “Bringing the Outdoors - In.”

With this in mind we established a theme based on nature. Why nature? In countless studies nature has proven to be a stress reducing, soothing and healing environment for patients and their families. Allowing access to views of and designs representing nature has positive mental and physical effects.

While nature as a theme is a successful and commonly used direction in hospital design we have pursued a unique approach in regards to how nature at ACNW is interpreted.

We wanted to create a timeless and engaging experience. The themed backdrops, sculptures and bold accent colors were rendered in a style referred to as “Low Poly”or low polygon which is a term referring to objects that appear blocky and made up of triangles instead of smooth rounded shapes.

This style adds a contemporary look to the design and is something children recognize from computer software, games and 3D printing.

“Discovery and Delight” ​ - scattered throughout the public spaces are hidden animals interacting with the space. A bird or insect landing on a letter, a rabbit sitting on a desk or hidden creatures in 3-dimensional forest backdrops create pleasant surprises for children to find and aid in placemaking and wayfinding as recognizable landmarks.

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