Waller, TX


Corporate Interiors

Experiential Design



Daikin, a global air conditioning manufacturing company, enlisted Inventure to enhance their customer-facing space in Waller, TX after determining it needed more of a presence for customers and manufacturers visiting the facility.

The focus was on the front lobby, the conference center, and making sure graphics were incorporated to be part of the building. Clean lines and simplicity were key to the design as well as a focus on the foundation of the company - air. To achieve this, the design team created a wavy wall to mimic the fluidity of wind.

Given Daikin’s strong emphasis on employee satisfaction, another important feature was the employee wall which displayed employee photos, company goals, community events, and inspirational quotes from management. Visitors and employees alike could walk through the corridor to stay invested in everything to do with Daikin. The client also wanted to dedicate a portion of the space to the Waller community and asked children from local elementary schools to submit artwork on being green to be displayed in the lobby.


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