G2X Energy





Houston, TX


Corporate Interiors

Experiential Design


This project was inspired by G2X’s core business. The objective was to remind all employees where the money is made, which is not at the corporate office but by the plants that are located around the world. Each item was carefully designed to resemble an industrial plant, from the curved walls and reception desk to the lighting and graphics.

The color scheme incorporates colors from raw materials which are contracted with the vibrant greens of the company’s logo. The company expanded into a larger footprint to accommodate growth and new employees.

The central breakroom is the heart of this corporate office encouraging employee interaction and collaboration. Here is where employees will gather to build puzzles (one of the pass times) for which we located different arrangements fo tables to give them the flexibility to lay them out. The walls of the breakroom are filled with employees family and pet photos which showcases their culture.

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