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iOFFICE is a Houston company. Starting out in the Singer Lofts, their company needed new space to accommodate their rapid growth. ​

The owners and employees wanted to ensure their new space kept them inside the 610 loop, minimizing the impacts of relocating their business. ​ iOFFICE engaged Inventure to create a space that went beyond a typical office in a Houston high rise and embraced the collaborative work style of their team.

The new office sits on Memorial Drive in 13,000 square feet, and takes advantage of direct elevator lobby access with inviting double glass doors. While there is a reception space when entering, iOFFICE’s technology welcomes visitors in the form of an iPad. Inventure took advantage of a long open space for a dedicated work area for the programmers.

Ceilings were removed and ductwork and pipes were left exposed and celebrated helping to recall the feeling of the original Singer Lofts

Meeting rooms fully integrated with technology provides a customer experience for clients to see the products that iOFFICE develops. Employee amenities showcase a vintage Atari game table at the employee lounge and a break room with seating styles that accommodates a wide variety of group sizes for lunch and impromptu meetings.

iOFFICE features a dynamic flooring pattern through the selection of multiple flooring types; Inventure was able to bring interest to the floor plan and help to delineate different areas without adding significant cost to the overall budget.

Bold colors and patterns mixed with comfortable seating and unexpected details provides employees and visitors distinctive moments throughout the space. The end result embraces and elevates current design community trends for an office that is at the forefront of providing solutions to the modern, digital workplace.

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