Third Place





Houston, TX


Landlord Services


Third Place is a tenant lounge centrally located within the CityNorth campus, an office complex and management company.

The goal was to provide a balanced environment for office tenants to work and unwind. The client knew they wanted a golf simulator, one of the top trends in workplace amenities, to be a key feature in the space.

The resulting space designed by Inventure encourages informal networking and includes a collection of furniture for individual workspaces, lunches in private booths, brainstorming at large conference tables, and camaraderie in the sofas and armchairs.

Inventure incorporates one of the most anticipated features: a golf simulator with a variety of games and two swing bays, along with a 50-foot putting green.

A living green wall, flanked by an architectural brick feature and custom iron sculptures, was incorporated by the design team to serve as a focal point as tenants entered the space.

Creative and functional solutions were integrated into the building structure to further the theme of designing a natural space with accessibility to the outdoors.

The design team opened the space to the outdoors by removing the original storefront windows and replacing them with an Operable Nanawall System, which allowed the space to feel like an outdoor patio.

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