A Ma Maniere





Houston, TX




The Client had an explicit vision of a complete lifestyle retail experience that combined high-end streetwear, home goods, and modern cuisine.

The store has a fully functioning walk-up kitchen and dining bar, as well as a loft-lounge space.

Adding a full kitchen and restroom to a space built for retail required careful planning and coordination with consulting engineers.

Nearly all the store’s displays and racks are custom designed and built for the space. The design ethos for the client and the store is, “if you know, you know,” which is an expression of exclusivity that may otherwise escape the attention of people unfamiliar with the store’s brand.

For those in the know, the quality, and attention to detail is evident. Therefore the finishes, displays and lighting all lend an understated sophistication and minimal edge to the overall space. The main attraction of the store should be the clothing and a naturally comfortable atmosphere to sell the total lifestyle image that A Ma Maniere has cultivated.

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