Iki Japan





Houston, TX



Experiential Design


The concept behind IKI Japan, a high-end retail store, is to create a sensuous, luxury shopping experience and make customers feel like they have been transported to Japan the moment they step inside.

Inventure’s design strategy successfully fulfilled project requirements of letting customers experience the beauty of Japan and the sublime Japanese craftsmanship behind each object.

Inventure conducted research and learned Japanese architecture techniques in partnership with IKI Japan, giving the store an authentic backdrop to optimally display each handcrafted item.

Inventure commissioned meticulously constructed wooden display cases with metal inlays and incorporated strategic ambient and accent lighting to illuminate featured products.

A specially-designed storefront was created to attract customers and a Japanese water feature prominently installed within to provide a calming environment. IKI Japan’s personal collection of distinctive Japanese products directed the design concept which featured a variety of wood commonly used in Japan. Inventure also incorporated iPads throughout the store with videos detailing the techniques and craftsmanship of featured products, supported by graphic design and signage.

Iki Japan is known for selling the finest Japanese products valued for their design.

Located in the Houston Galleria, the store contains hundreds of unique items, from elegant ebony chopsticks to stunning hammered metal plates.

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