Mahesh's Kitchen





Houston, TX



Interior Architecture


The space was designed in honor of the client's late brother, Mahesh, whose dream was to open a restaurant. The restaurant's intention is to be a place to bring people of all ages, cultures, and religions together for a unique culinary experience.

Mahesh's Kitchen interiors combine old-world motifs and warm finishes with sleek contemporary lines for a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance. An enticing portal entry and intricate arches framing the facade windows draw guests into a layered dining area with various seating options, an open show kitchen, and a featured traditional tandoor cooking display.

Mahesh's Kitchen is one of a few Indian restaurants in the Houston area with a full cocktail bar. This area was designed to look clean with an added traditional touch to welcome those who want to enjoy the Indian-influenced cocktail menu.

An essential part of this experience, and one that Mahesh specifically wanted, is an open kitchen concept that allows patrons to see the process of making traditional (and non-traditional) food while enjoying their meal.

The contextual richness of the space and the mouthwatering aromas wafting from the open Kitchen come together to deliver a delicious appetizer that precedes the crafted delicacies yet to come.

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