Brown Sims





Houston, TX


Corporate Interior

Experiential Design


When national law firm Brown Sims decided to relocate their Houston offices, they sought a new space that would cater to their growing business needs and serve as a valuable recruitment tool.


The design approach was aimed to strike a balance between fostering collaboration and providing private retreats. A key aspect was incorporating glass fronts on all offices, supplemented by partial height glass film. This design choice allowed natural light to permeate the space, creating a sense of openness while still maintaining discretion and privacy. In addition, various collaboration and lounge areas were strategically placed throughout the office, promoting interaction among team members. The design team also implemented effective acoustic separations to minimize disruptions.

To rejuvenate the existing space, a fresh and customized palette was developed. The combination of rich textiles and carpets inspired by menswear, along with sleek black metal accents, brought sophistication and a contemporary touch.

Warm walnut tones were introduced to strike a balance between approachability and professionalism. The core walls were painted in a deep charcoal shade, serving not only as a grounding element but also aiding in wayfinding within the office.

By carefully considering every detail and incorporating current workplace trends, the design team successfully created a modern environment that met Brown Sims' specific requirements. The revamped space fosters connection, transparency, and productivity while providing a sense of privacy and comfort.

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