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The ​ interior of Coolidge was designed around the idea of having the Coolidge offices in their own suite, and utilizing the remaining office space as a co-working space. To accommodate this, the reception area, breakroom and large boardroom act as shared space. ​ For this, we wanted to ensure these areas were true show-stoppers.

As you enter, we wanted to provide a focal point, and emphasis the rooms in the center of the building. We coined this the “Jewelry Box”. The jewelry box has slightly lowered ceilings with a light cove surrounding it, to really call attention the center spaces. The walls of the jewelry box are clad with full height walnut veneer wood panels, to add elements of nature and create a beautiful visual, while keeping the palette very natural. To allow the wood to really shine, all of the office fronts facing the jewelry box are full glass, with thin industrial black window panels. ​ Throughout the space, the color scheme is very neutral, but far from boring. Bold black accent walls are incorporated throughout, with light oak hardwood flooring, with black metal insets to mirror the ceiling elements.

The concept for the furniture was to really allow the architecture to remain the focus, and really tie back into the design. We worked to incorporate classic pieces such as the LC1 Chair, Eames molded plastic chairs, and other Herman Miller classic pieces. The palette was very simple, staying with black accents, camel leather, walnut and black and white stone accents. The furniture was accented with custom rugs. The rugs in the large and small meeting rooms were a continuous organic pattern with a warm copper accents, on top of a light grey base, with a variety of greys throughout. The two rugs help to tie the two rooms together, with the continuous pattern being visible ​ with the large glass walls on either side of the entry. The reception rug was a custom hide composition rug, with a mix of cream and white and brown speckled hides. This really helped to center the reception desk in the space, and provide contrast to the dark desk and chair.

The exterior of the building saw a very large overhaul. The existing front barrel vault facade was completely was removed to modernize the front elevation. After removing the barrel vault facade, we went back with a wooden pergola and a new deck that extended the full front elevation, and installing a new ADA compliant ramp.

We left the ​ two existing trees to flank the pergola and tie back in to nature. The existing brick received a white-wash finish to brighten the exterior. ​ All of the current windows and doors were also replaces with larger, new black metal windows and doors with industrial window style trim. ​ To complete the exterior renovations, we incorporated large metal planter boxes lining the front of the deck, ​ with vines running up the pergola posts and growing up onto the top of the pergola.

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